Higher Education Task Force

Whatever became of the higher ed task force?

The 2018 Legislature did little with the recommendations from Gov. Butch Otter’s higher ed task force. The next move may belong to Idaho’s next governor.

Lawmakers zero out ‘CEO’ proposal

Wednesday morning’s vote does not kill one of Gov. Butch Otter’s top legislative priorities outright. But proposal appears to be all but dead.

Otter all but writes off higher education CEO proposal

On Thursday, Gov. Butch Otter seemed to abandon one of his top legislative priorities for 2018. He also deflected questions on gun control in the aftermath of Wednesday’s mass shooting at a Florida high school.

Vailas voices support for higher ed ‘CEO’

“Higher education, whether we like it or not, has to evolve as a business,” the retiring Idaho State University president told the Senate Education Committee Wednesday afternoon.

Lawmakers push back on Otter higher education request

Legislative budget-writers suggested Gov. Butch Otter is shortchanging higher education, just as the state hopes to improve its languid graduation rates.

Budget-writers start drilling into higher ed ‘CEO’ proposal

Lawmakers wanted to know how much the new office would cost — and how much the state could save by streamlining university programs. Some answers were sketchy.

Otter endorses higher ed ‘CEO’ proposal

Gov. Butch Otter will present a proposal for a “CEO” to the 2018 Legislature. “I just think it’s time,” Otter said Thursday.

Breaking: IBE outlines legislative goals, and scoops Otter

Idaho Business for Education says it will work with Gov. Butch Otter to hire a “CEO” to streamline the state’s higher education system.

Otter calls for higher education shakeup

The Republican governor teased out proposals that are expected to dominate his final State of the State address.

Kustra has questions about higher ed CEO proposal

The concept isn’t new, Boise State University President Bob Kustra said Thursday. But will a CEO save the state a lot of money, and will legislators pony up to pay for the idea?