College of Eastern Idaho

ISU downplays competition from new community college

In an interview with the Idaho State Journal, ISU President Arthur Vailas instead touts the potential to partner with the fledgling College of Eastern Idaho.

Community colleges pitch for funding, discuss dual credit boom

As more high school students take college-level classes on the state’s nickel, Idaho’s community colleges are feeling the effects.

College of Eastern Idaho narrows presidential candidate pool to four

Finalists will participate in a public forum later this month, where they will participate in a question-and-answer session.

A $216 million school election day looms next week

Here’s a rundown on Tuesday’s elections — which include 10 K-12 levy and bond issues from Idaho Falls to Kellogg, and a proposal to expand a community college’s taxing district.

State Board votes to expand CEI taxing district to Bingham County

Bingham County patrons will now vote on the measure, which could raise taxes $11 to $12 a year for the average homeowner.

East Idahoans draw parallels between CEI and Adidas logos

A flood of comparisons to the Adidas insignia has followed CEI’s release of its new logo on social media.

College of Eastern Idaho undergoes official name change

The school has also unveiled its new logo, and announced the first day of operations on campus.

New community college has trustees, and a new degree offering

On Wednesday, the State Board of Education named five trustees for the College of Eastern Idaho — and gave the go-ahead for a new associate of arts degree.

Otter pledges continued support for education

Idaho’s governor told a crowd of business leaders that the creation of the new College of Eastern Idaho will better prepare the workforce to fill in-demand jobs.

State Board accepting trustee applications for College of Eastern Idaho

Community interest and feedback from local leaders prompted the State Board to expedite the selection process on Wednesday.