State Board votes to expand CEI taxing district to Bingham County

POCATELLO — Bingham County is one step closer to being part of the College of Eastern Idaho’s community college taxing district.

The State Board of Education voted unanimously Thursday to expand the taxing district beyond Bonneville County and into Bingham County, which encompasses the towns of Blackfoot, Shelley, Firth and Aberdeen.

The decision followed no formal discussion from the State Board, and sends the measure to Bingham County patrons for a vote, likely this November.

The measure is aimed at eliminating fees Bingham County taxpayers would pay for local students to attend the new community college: $50 per credit up to 10 credits.

Supporters say the measure will give Bingham County students access to a more dual enrollment classes.

But joining the taxing district also comes with a price tag, since it extends the school’s taxing burden into Bingham County.

Average Bingham County homeowners are estimated to pay $11 to $12 annually. Bonneville County taxpayers will not see a reduction to their portion of property taxes earmarked for the community college, if the measure passes in Bingham County.

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The measure will need 50 percent support from Bingham County voters to pass.

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