College of Eastern Idaho undergoes official name change

IDAHO FALLS — Five newly appointed trustees have officially rebranded Eastern Idaho Technical College as the College of Eastern Idaho.

“We couldn’t be more excited,” said the school’s interim president Rick Aman.

Monday’s board meeting was the final step in a rapid-fire process aimed at transforming EITC into a community college, following overwhelming support from voters during the May 16 election.

New logo for the College of Eastern Idaho

With the new name comes a new logo, a yellow sun rising above three blue, triangular mountains — meant to represent a new dawn for community members.

Two other recent steps in the transformation process included  the State Board of Education’s recent appointment of five new trustees and authorization of associate of arts degree offerings.

Idaho Falls mayor Rebecca Casper swore in the new trustees, and chairman of the board at the Bank of Idaho, Park Price, was selected as chairmen of the school’s board.

Aman, who confirmed Wednesday that he will apply as the school’s permanent president later this year, pointed to a number of benefits touted by supporters of the community college, including more dual credit courses for local high schoolers.

“We plan on paying particular attention to our k-12 schools and using more dual credit opportunities to reach a lot of students,” Aman said.

The school has also changed its Facebook page name from “Eastern Idaho Technical College” to “College of Eastern Idaho – formerly EITC.”

According to Aman, the name change didn’t require a vote from trustees, since the name of the school was included on the May 16 ballot measure.

Due to the looming total solar eclipse that will roll across Idaho on Aug. 21, trustees voted to move the school’s first day of operations on campus to Aug. 22.

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