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A $216 million school election day looms next week

Here’s a rundown on Tuesday’s elections — which include 10 K-12 levy and bond issues from Idaho Falls to Kellogg, and a proposal to expand a community college’s taxing district.

Madison school bond issue passes

The $26.9 million bond issue was the big-ticket item in Tuesday’s school elections. Check inside for a roundup of election-related news, including more results from Tuesday and what Teton Valley plans to do in November.

Next week, Idaho schools will seek $42.5 million in ballot measures

The biggest item on Tuesday’s ballot: a $26.9 million bond issue in the Madison School District in Eastern Idaho.

Voters approve $695 million for schools

From a $172.5 million bond issue in Boise to a $90,000 supplemental levy in West Side, Tuesday was almost a clean sweep for Idaho schools. Only one ballot measure failed: a plant facilities levy in the Vallivue School District.

Boise bond issue campaign heats up

An opposition group is urging voters to reject Boise’s $172.5 million bond issue proposal, the Idaho Statesman reported this week.

Tuesday’s school elections: Some last-minute links

Get informed before a busy day of school elections across Idaho.

Idaho’s $715 million school election day

At least 46 of Idaho’s 115 school districts will seek bond issues, plant facilities levies or supplemental levies on March 14. Idaho Education News and Boise State Public Radio partnered to produce this series — Financing the Future — on how the statewide elections will affect students, communities and taxpayers.

The bond issue ‘supermajority:’ a debate as old as Idaho

Financing the Future continued: Supporters say the two-thirds threshold protects property taxpayers. Opponents say a 60 percent barrier would create a more reasonable balance.

What it takes to pass a school bond and what it could mean to your taxes

Financing the Future continued: Take a closer look at the Boise District’s bond and why it could be a challenge to pass.

Listen: A conversation on school bonds with Stan Olson

Financing the Future continued: The retired Boise school superintendent looks back on the 2006 bond issue — and talks about the politics of passing a bond issue election.