bond issues

Business groups endorse Boise bond issue

The Boise district is seeking a $172.5 million bond issue on March 14.

Boise spends $11,400 on bond issue voter information

The district says it vetted its mailer with legal counsel and has received no complaints. “We are allowed under the law to present factual information to the public,” spokesman Dan Hollar said.

American Falls scales back bond amount

The rural East Idaho district is again turning to voters to help bear the brunt of rapid growth. Ririe also plans to propose a bond in March.

Dump the bond issue supermajority? Idahoans divided on the idea

Forty-four percent of respondents say school bond issues should be settled by a simple majority vote, according to a survey released Monday by Idaho Politics Weekly.

School levy and bond elections are out of control

Under the current rules, school elections “depend too much on cleverness, and not enough on public support,” says Wayne Hoffman of the Idaho Freedom Foundation.

Twin Falls breaks ground on first of three new schools

Rock Creek Elementary is scheduled to open for the 2016-17 school year, while another new elementary and middle school are set for ground-breaking ceremonies in the coming weeks.

West Ada will try another bond issue

The total cost: $128.3 million. The election date: March 10.

Levies and bonds: looking at the trends

In the wake of the Great Recession, more than 30 school districts have added supplemental property tax levies to help make ends meet.