Boise State University

A $1.1 million faculty furlough plan takes shape at Boise State

Administrators are holding virtual town hall meetings with faculty this week. The university would not allow Idaho Education News to sit in.

Coffee controversy flares on Boise State campus

A spokesman for a conservative lobbying group says Big City Coffee was the victim of “cancel culture,” due to the owner’s vocal support for law enforcement. University officials say the vendor asked to be let out of its contract, and was never asked to leave campus.

Higher ed enrollment numbers are in — and they are mixed

The coronavirus pandemic had Idaho colleges and universities fearing the worst. But the four-year schools have avoided catastrophic fall enrollment declines.

Analysis: Boise State faces a financial reckoning

The sure things in the university’s $240 million annual budget — students in classrooms and fans in grandstands — aren’t sure things anymore.

Tromp: Job cuts, program cuts inevitable at Boise State

“We have yet to see the full breadth of economic impact from these uncertain times,” the Boise State University president said in a letter to faculty and employees Tuesday.

Boise State suspends fraternities, students over large gatherings

“In order to remain open, we must have the cooperation of all of our students,” dean of students Chris Wuthrich said Friday. “Students who do not comply with university policies and orders will face sanctions, including removal from campus.”

‘I am full of anxiety, dread and excitement:’ One student’s perspective on life on campus

In a column in Boise State University’s student newspaper, the Arbiter, Paige Wirta says she has decided to live on campus, in part, to safeguard her parents from coronavirus.

Across the state, campuses open for an uncertain new year

Across Idaho and across the nation, the coronavirus pandemic will test colleges’ health and safety guidelines. It will also test students’ willingness to adhere to new rules and expectations.

‘We can win back their trust:’ Tromp urges Boise State to face its critics

“We know that there are challenges in our state with people losing faith in higher education,” the Boise State University president said Wednesday. “They don’t see what the university has to offer.”

Boise State reopens campus to some employees

Reopening the workplace — at least partially — is a precursor to reopening Boise State University to students in seven weeks.