Boise State University

Boise State responds to some unanswered budget questions

The university’s email to legislative budget-writers contains one factual error, and a key lawmaker says the response appears incomplete.

Boise State sought $700 for Tromp’s emails — then backpedaled

The state’s largest public university threatened to charge Idaho Education News more than $700 for emails mentioning polarizing political science professor Scott Yenor.

‘Incensed and disgusted:’ Boise State Faculty Senate condemns Yenor

Friday’s statement said, in part, “Dr. Yenor’s statements about women’s roles in higher education and professional life do not represent the perspectives of the Faculty Senate.”

Boise State: ‘Women belong on our campus’

“Women have made significant and meaningful contributions to all areas of academia, industry, and society,” President Marlene Tromp and 21 other university administrators said in a statement Wednesday.

An evolving profile: Boise State’s out-of-state student surge continues

For the first time in its 89-year history, a majority of Boise State University’s first-year undergraduate students have come from outside Idaho. The trend is forcing the university to rethink its financial aid strategy.

Boise State seeks dismissal of Big City Coffee lawsuit

Boise State maintains it never forced Big City Coffee off campus, and instead tried to walk a fine line over the business owner’s vocal support of law enforcement. “Boise State refused to favor one viewpoint at the expense of another,” the university’s attorneys said.

Big City Coffee files $10 million lawsuit against Boise State

Friday’s lawsuit comes nearly a year after the owner of the Boise coffee shop said she was pushed off campus due to her vocal support of law enforcement. University officials have maintained the didn’t force the shop to close.

Despite spiraling case numbers, Boise State maintains regular operations

Business as usual extends to Friday night — when Boise State’s football team is slated to play at a full Albertsons Stadium for the first time since 2019.

Tromp touts pandemic response — and sidesteps politics

Speaking at Albertsons Stadium, with Boise State’s trademark blue turf as a backdrop, Marlene Tromp’s message to students and staff felt like a pregame pep talk.

State inaction clears path for Big City Coffee lawsuit against Boise State

The tort claim sought damages of more than $10 million, stemming from a short-lived campus coffee shop. The state had 90 days to respond.