Boise State University

Retiring presidents push for additional college scholarships

But retiring Boise State University Bob Kustra minced no words about Gov. Butch Otter’s higher education “CEO” proposal. He again questioned whether the state can wring tens of millions of dollars of savings from the higher ed system.

Boise State touts progress on its ’60 percent’ benchmarks

A record 3,140 Boise State students received bachelor’s degrees in 2016-17, exceeding a State Board of Education goal established in 2010.

State Board sets timetable for Boise State president’s search

The State Board of Education hopes to name a successor to retiring president Bob Kustra by May.

Boise State human rights initiative starts to ramp up

Boise State University hopes to offer a six- to nine-credit human rights initiative in 2019 — with a minor or major to follow in the future.

Kustra announces retirement as BSU president

“Boise State has become the metropolitan research university of distinction we envisioned,” Bob Kustra said in a letter to university staff Wednesday. Kustra will retire on June 30.

BSU fall enrollment hits a record

The record numbers include highs in first-year student enrollment and on-campus residents — and reflect nearly 4,300 high school students taking concurrent enrollment classes through BSU.

BSU retention numbers draw national recognition

In recent years, Boise State University has launched several initiatives designed to keep students in school.

Boise teacher to bring scientific research into the classroom

Jon Moreno-Ramirez, a Riverstone International School teacher, landed a $15,000 grant to research fundamental physical properties of nanoscale ferroelectrics and multiferroics.

O’Connor pleads to improve civics lessons

The retired Supreme Court justice has made it her mission to tell Americans that the true purpose of education is to teach good citizenship.