2021 Idaho Legislature

Legislative roundup, 4.19.21: New bill targets sectarianism, critical race theory

The bill is the latest salvo in a debate that has brought education budget bills to a standstill.

Legislative roundup, 4.16.21: House passes higher ed free speech bill

Some Republicans say the Protecting Critical Thinking in Higher Education Act, which gives students added grounds to sue colleges and professors, could be the linchpin to passing a higher ed budget.

Education Week: Idaho, seven other states consider limiting instruction of sexism, racism

The bills use language similar to an executive order from President Trump — since rescinded by President Biden — to ban diversity and bias training in federal government offices, Sarah Schwartz of Education Week reported.

Legislative roundup, 4.14.21: Senate goes on recess, saying, ‘We can’t move forward’

In a less-than-subtle rebuke of the House, the Senate wrapped up its floor session late Wednesday morning, and said it won’t reconvene until next week.

Legislative roundup, 4.13.21: House votes down teacher salary bill

The largest of the state’s K-12 budget bills, the teacher pay bill, now goes back to the drawing board. Opponents want language restricting schools from addressing social justice topics in the classroom.

Legislative roundup, 4.12.21: Senate narrowly passes early education grant

The 18-17 vote kicks the controversial $6 million grant back to the House, which rejected an earlier version of the bill in March.

House revives bid to axe August school elections

After the Senate killed a proposal earlier in the session, the election change is back by a different legislative maneuver.

Analysis: Lawmakers remain reluctant to put public dollars into private schools

School choice advocates almost got a private school bill through the Legislature, but fell short. After a year of turbulence in the classroom — and amidst a record-setting state surplus — they couldn’t have asked for a better opening.

House sinks higher education budget, renewing ‘social justice’ debate

The budget legislation was already set to cut $409,000 from Boise State University’s bottom line.

Legislative roundup, 4.7.21: Strong Students grant bill is dead for the session

Senators rejected an attempt to bring House Bill 294 back for another vote.