2021 Idaho Legislature

Statehouse roundup, 11.16.21: House passes parental opt-out bill

MORE INSIDE: A teacher bonus push takes shape and the Senate made a formal statement condemning vaccine mandates.

Advocates scratching their heads as unapproved preschool grant lingers

As lawmakers withdrew from Idaho’s capital city Thursday — at least temporarily — the fate of a much-debated $6 million early education grant remained in question.

Analysis: A stalemate session, with few clear victors

The record-setting 2021 legislative session pitted the House against the Senate, conservative Republicans against moderates, and lawmakers against Gov. Brad Little. Things may get worse before they get better; the 2022 session kicks off an election year.

Legislative roundup, 5.12.21: Lawmakers inch through to-do list, end session

Lawmakers wrapped up their work late Wednesday night. At 122 days, the session is the longest in state history.

Bulk of emails urged Little to veto critical race theory bill

By EdNews’ count, 69.4 percent of emails to the governor petitioned him to veto House Bill 377.

Legislature to return Wednesday afternoon with light education load

Some of the hottest debates over education bills – around school budgets and indoctrination in the classroom – have been settled.

Legislative roundup, 5.4.21: Senate passes key education budgets, including higher ed

Nearly four months after the start of the 2021 legislative session, the Statehouse K-12 and higher education budget debates effectively came to a conclusion Tuesday.

Legislative roundup, 5.3.21: Senate cuts income taxes as Dems call for more education spending

The $383 million in cuts were pushed by Statehouse Republicans, who say lower taxes are key to the state’s economic competitiveness.

House passes higher ed, teacher salaries budgets

Monday’s House votes represent one key milestone on the path to adjourning the 2021 legislative session, the third-longest session in state history. Monday was Day 113 for this year’s session, five days shy of the record, set in 2003.

Lengthy legislative session raises specter of a government shutdown

The possible shutdown is a function of timing, and when the session ends. It could affect paychecks for some 20,000 state employees, and raises questions about whether first responders can stay on the job, Clark Corbin of the Idaho Capital Sun reported Thursday.