2021 Idaho Legislature

Analysis: A bad week and a rough session for the facts

Elected officials are in the business of commanding and demanding facts. And a bad session for facts has a real effect on policy.

Legislative roundup, 4.29.21: Little signs nondiscrimination bill, but questions ‘anecdotes and innuendo’ that birthed it

In signing, Little questioned the Legislature’s interrogation of “widespread, systemic indoctrination in Idaho classrooms” that fueled the bill.

NEA report: Idaho still on the bottom for per-student spending

Idaho didn’t move much this year in terms of per-pupil spending, and average teacher pay dropped slightly due to veteran turnover and a temporary salary freeze.

Legislative roundup, 4.27.21: House denies funding, need for school COVID testing

The House Tuesday struck down a bill to free up $40.3 million to help schools pay for staff and student COVID-19 tests. School districts, along with private and charter schools, could have opted into receiving the state-held federal money to pay for voluntary tests. But some House members said they didn’t want more coronavirus testing…

New teacher salary, higher education budgets emerge

Budget-writers voted to put another $1 million into the K-12 salaries bill. Then, on a divided vote, they sliced $2.5 million from higher education.

Legislative roundup, 4.26.21: Nondiscrimination bill heads to Little’s desk

It took the Senate three hours to push through the bill targeting concepts such as critical race theory. In other Statehouse news, a bill prohibiting mask mandates appears dead for the session.

Education news from around Idaho

Nampa students are running a snack-drive, Boise students are rallying around Simpson’s Salmon plan and more.

Legislative roundup, 4.22.21: House passes new “nondiscrimination” bill after marathon day of debates

This bill could break the legislative logjam budget debates have created. And that could bring an end to a historically long session that costs taxpayers more each day.

Analysis: By staying silent, the State Board loses the education narrative

On Thursday, new State Board President Kurt Liebich called the 2021 session a missed opportunity — with little attention paid to learning loss in the wake of the pandemic.

Legislative roundup, 4.20.21: Anti-sectarianism bill abruptly yanked

The debate over social justice and critical race theory has all but brought education budgeting to a dead stop, as the legislative session enters its 100th day.