Guns in school legislation is ill-conceived and potentially harmful

Why isn’t the Legislature simply funding additional resources officers.

Transparent and accountable budgeting

Recessions or economic slowdowns are a rotten time to raise taxes to pay for a government we bought during a pandemic that we can no longer afford.

“You can’t handle the truth!”

Even if a review process determined that only 5% of sales tax exclusions should expire, that alone would make an additional $250 million available for schools each year.

Private schools accepting taxpayer subsidies is not conservative

We can only hope Idaho’s conservative legislators hold onto their good old Idaho conservative principles.

Partners sought to help feed students during summer break

This summer, sponsors in rural communities will have the option of offering a week’s worth of food all at once.

Entangling public funds with religion – Idaho history not worth repeating

The use of public funds to support, and repress, religion condemned early Idaho to decades of resentment and division.

What Idaho’s school choice debate misses

It was a win-win . . . which is why, in Idaho, the loudest “school choice” advocates would consider it a loss.

Those opposing education reform are on the wrong side of history

Education opportunity is one of the greatest civil rights issues of our time.

Property taxpayers will have to foot the bill for the “school choice” scheme

In 2005, the Idaho Supreme Court ruled that the Legislature had flat failed to fulfill its duty to fund the construction and maintenance of school buildings.

Renewable energy grads are in high demand in Idaho

Hands-on experience could not come at a better time.