Capitol Notes from the ISBA, Jan. 21

Capitol Notes is a weekly feature written by the Idaho School Boards Association executive director Karen Echeverria.

School reform must be about learning

School reform should be about improving learning. We must focus on learning, must insist that every student acquires the essential concepts, information, attitudes at each level of the school ‘ladder.’

Business leaders present their priorities

We have elevated the level of interest in education and now have a unique opportunity to come together and craft meaningful, needed reform for our students, schools and communities.

Stay focused with a logical timeline for action

The elections are over and we need to move forward. We need our leaders to sharpen the focus and stabilize our system so students can achieve at high levels.

With change comes opportunity

The Idaho School Boards Association (ISBA) staff and board members will introduce ourselves to new legislative members and re-establish relationships with new leadership and chairs.

Governor: Getting serious means continuing the conversation

After voters on November 6 rejected the process, pace and policies for improving Idaho’s education system enacted in 2011, it became the task of everyone who cares about the quality of Idaho public schools to constructively continue that conversation. My staff and I spent the next several weeks reaching out to educators, business leaders and…

Wayne Hoffman

Idaho Freedom Foundation executive director Wayne Hoffman has some questions to ask about the future of Idaho’s educational offerings. I have a few questions to pose to you: What if we could have, here in Idaho, an education system where a student who was excelling could move ahead onto the next lesson or the next…