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State superintendent rumor mill: Barbara Morgan?

Former Democratic Party chairman Larry Grant floated her name recently; in an interview with Boise Weekly, Morgan said, “I really can’t tell you anything.”

Idaho K-12: Uncle Sam’s funding role

A new study says Idaho education is especially vulnerable to the mandatory federal budget cuts known as “sequestration.” But does the study tell the whole story?

State Board noncommittal on charter bills

Two charter school bills are working their way through the Legislature — and they will make the trip without support or opposition from the State Board of Education.

Monday’s budget debate: an analysis

When the Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee hashed over the K-12 budget, $1.3 billion was on the table. But the debate came down to a small fraction of the budget: $2.9 million.

Previewing the big K-12 budget hearing …

On Monday, the Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee will tackle Idaho’s public schools budget for 2013-14. For a preview, let’s take a look at some of the moving parts.

… and much more happening Monday

Monday is K-12 Budget Day at the Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee. And a lot of other education news could break at the Statehouse Monday. Here’s what to watch for.

Teacher labor bills: Round 3 Monday

The issues are, by now, familiar. On Monday, the Senate Education Committee will look at a third round of bills addressing pieces of the rejected Proposition 1 labor law.

Of collaboration and global competitiveness

The American university system is not producing the kind of graduates the job market demands. But America isn’t alone, says Rashid Davis, principal of an innovative high school that partners with industry and higher ed.

Cursive, and more: Legislative roundup, 2/28

Rep. Linden Bateman’s cursive crusade has come to fruition. The Senate approved his cursive handwriting resolution Thursday. The next step: State Board of Education rulemaking.

The saga of a student and a salamander

A sixth-grader from Boise’s White Pine Elementary School wowed lawmakers Wednesday — and proved to be an able advocate for an amphibian.