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The school budget hide-and-seek

The 2013-14 public school budget bill surfaced Wednesday. The 2012-13 public school budget fix went back into hiding. What does it all mean?

Mat Erpelding’s old-school debate

A lawmaker argues against a bill that would provide income tax credits for private school scholarship — with a shout out to the nuns from his Catholic school.

In the Nampa district, the other shoe drops

Less than a week after voters approved a $4.3 million school levy, Nampa school administrators are planning to close an elementary school to balance the district’s books.

Referendum rewrite heads to House floor

The Idaho Farm Bureau says it has been working on a bill to tighten the initiative and referendum process since 2012 — before Idaho voters passed Propositions 1, 2 and 3. The House could vote on the idea this week.

Statehouse preview, Week 11

Monday starts Week 11 of the legislative session, with plenty of unfinished business on the docket. Get ready for the week with this preview.

Your daily personal property tax update (REWRITE)

A new bill to repeal the tax on business equipment and supplies clears its first hurdle. It’s another partial repeal, similar to one proposed 11 days ago by cities, counties, school boards and school administrators.

The personal property tax holding pattern

No hearing Friday on repealing the personal property tax, the tax on business equipment, supplies and furnishings. No hearing planned for Monday, either. What gives?

State yanked from student fee lawsuit

The state is off the hook in a lawsuit that challenges student fees — and, at its core, questions whether Idaho is meeting its constitutional mandate to fund public education.

Connecting dots in the tax debate (UPDATED)

As lawmakers debate a big change in Idaho’s property tax structure — repealing the “personal property tax” on business supplies and equipment — voters said yes to $107.8 million in property tax levies for schools.

School safety bill: security vs. accountability

A bill requiring school districts to write safety and security plans also contains an exemption to Idaho’s public records law. An Idaho media group wants some general information made public.