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Statehouse, Week Eight: a look ahead

What’s on the agenda on the education front this week? Plenty. Here’s a rundown of the highlights.

Charter school stipend bill: a reaction-o-rama

A bill to provide charter schools $1.4 million in building stipends will get a hearing shortly. Here are some of the initial reactions.

Could tax repeal ‘devastate’ public schools?

Repealing $141 million in business personal property taxes would affect all local governments. But public schools could be the biggest loser, says Michael Ferguson, a former state economist.

BSU football complex named after Bleymaier

The $22 million complex will be named in honor of Gene Bleymaier, who was Boise State University’s athletic director for nearly three decades before his 2011 firing.

Citing ‘Luna Laws,’ Democrats decry initiative bill

The Idaho Farm Bureau and a key senator want to tighten Idaho’s initiative and referendum process. Democrats say the bill would make it more difficult for voters to throw out laws — as they did last November.

Kevin Richert

Early retirement phaseout passes panel

Voting along party lines, the Senate Education Committee endorsed a plan that would, once again, eliminate an early retirement plan for teachers.

Idaho: A timber contractor for hire?

State endowment lands yielded $31.3 million for K-12 in 2012-13. Gov. Butch Otter would like Idaho to branch out — into managing federal timber sales, on a contract basis.

One charter closes; another is in jeopardy

The news comes as Idaho lawmakers are likely to once again debate charter school funding issues.

Kevin Richert

Math, science teacher hires spark a debate

State superintendent Tom Luna wants Idaho to keep pushing to hire more math and science teachers. Critics say the plan gets out ahead of Gov. Butch Otter’s education reform task force.

Teacher ‘despair’ study: taking another look

An independent audit on teacher workplace issues was a mixed bag. But one sentence, suggesting an “undercurrent of despair” in the teaching profession, has taken on a life of its own.