Teachers: In their own words

My goodbye to teaching: why I left the profession I was called to

Why one Idaho teacher went from an idealistic, hopeful new educator to one who was ready to close the classroom door for good.

Idaho’s teachers are tired, but they’re sticking it out

More than 500 Idaho educators completed our 23-question survey, sharing their thoughts on the state of their profession.

Educators open up about classroom realities

Many wish that parents, politicians, and community members would listen to their pleas and ideas before making decisions or forming hasty conclusions about Idaho’s education system.

It’s not the teacher pipeline that’s the problem – it’s the classroom reality

Simply put, enough people enter the profession but not enough stay. Idaho’s colleges are pivoting to solve the problem.

Months into the school year, schools still struggling to fill staff

And most of the administrators EdNews surveyed rated their teacher turnover this school year as “more than average.”