Terry Ryan

Charter commission should stand on its own

After 10 years, it is time to give the state’s Public Charter School Commission its operational freedom so it can get on with its mission of helping provide great choices for Idaho’s students and families.

We can learn from those doing it better

Poland embraced bold reforms to its education system in the 1990s that included creating more rigorous national standards, allowing the creation of private schools, crafting better systems for identifying struggling students and providing support for new teachers.

Rural and charter schools should be allies

These smaller populated and more isolated schools have reason to find common cause. The more they do, the more students in both are likely to benefit, and with them the larger community.

New book doesn’t tell the true story

Education historian Diane Ravitch’s sweeping generalizations don’t hold up when it comes to charter schools.

12 things about Idaho charter schools

Learn more about Idaho charter schools from answers written by Terry Ryan, president of the Idaho Charter School Network.