Terry Ryan

Bluum CEO Terry Ryan

Idaho’s Upper Carmen Public Charter School closes

I have had the honor and privilege over the last decade to work with and learn from the dynamic education duo of Sue and Jim Smith.

Bluum CEO Terry Ryan

The state of Idaho’s public charter schools is good

Many of the conversations I have at my job at Bluum as a charter school supporter revolve around numbers.

Bluum CEO Terry Ryan

How Idaho earned a $24.9 million grant to expand school choice opportunities

Idaho won a competitive $24.9 million grant because our schools deliver for families and children, and we have a demonstrated need for more quality school choices.

Bluum CEO Terry Ryan

Facility financing in Idaho: Public charter schools have some lessons to offer districts

Through a rigorous vetting process Building Hope approves schools that demonstrate both high-quality academics and financial stability.

Bluum CEO Terry Ryan

What parents say about Idaho’s Empowering Parents Program

As Idaho works to create an expanded school choice universe for families it is critical that parents have a voice in how these programs evolve and are modified over time.

Bluum CEO Terry Ryan

There is No One-Size Fits All Solution for Idaho’s Facilities Financing Challenges

There are a variety of choices and pathways that can be taken by state lawmakers to improve facility financing fairness for our students.

Plague followed by war: A personal story from Poland

Idaho education activist Terry Ryan is visiting schools in Poland, which could eventually have to find room for 700,000 new pupils.

Bluum CEO Terry Ryan

A smart tool for helping to address Idaho’s school facilities challenge

An Idaho Revolving Loan fund would be a really good tool in helping our communities build schools for their growing student populations.

Bluum CEO Terry Ryan

Idahoans deserve better than education canards and stoked rancor

The evidence in Idaho shows school choice helps children, families and educators achieve more and do better.