Terry Ryan

A note to Idaho’s next governor:

Please help Idaho’s public charter schools do more for our families and children.

Shackled education pioneers — Idaho’s public charter schools

Despite the many challenges and constraints, Idaho’s charter schools have earned the right to the operational flexibilities that defined the intent of the original charter school law.

Idaho’s school diversity history is unique to national trends

Idaho’s history with segregation, desegregation and charter schools is different than what a national story reported.

Reader view: Now is the time for a new school funding formula

It is past time for Idaho to craft a plan that not only better meets the needs of today’s students, but is nimble enough to meet the needs of their children.

Idaho disses some of its best high schools

The State Department of Education has been providing data to the U.S. News and World Report that is inaccurate and unfair to some of the state’s top high schools.

Return operational flexibility to Idaho’s public charter schools

Lets hold charter schools accountable for their performance, but in return, it is appropriate to find ways to offer these schools more space to be different.

Four trends push an opportunity to change education in Idaho

Now is the time to focus on the trends shaping education in Idaho, and a great place to start building a funding system that will make it more likely our children get the education they deserve.

Federal start-up charter school dollars work for Idaho and its families

Idaho Education News reported the Gem State received $21.6 million in federal dollars to open public charter schools. Of that amount, $2.3 million went to charter schools that failed — only 10 percent. The other 90 percent helped launch some of Idaho’s top performing charters.

Parents support charter schools — and want more

Survey results are another call for Idaho’s charter school sector and its allies to do more to grow and expand schools that serve larger numbers of economically disadvantaged and minority students.

Idaho lawmakers push for innovation in schools

New money is important for Idaho’s schools. But so too is encouraging educators to try new things for the benefit of students. Idaho’s lawmakers got the balance right this legislative session.