Debbie Critchfield

Khan Academy founder’s advice for distance learning

In this public health crisis, preparation is not simply helpful, it is critical.

Higher education is the key to Idaho’s post-pandemic recovery

“Adversity” seems to be a fitting theme for 2020.  Let’s change the narrative for the remainder of the year and beyond to, “Opportunity.”  

Idaho Online will improve distance learning in higher education

By building on what our institutions already offer online, rather than starting from scratch, the new digital campus will improve the entire system, making higher education more accessible and affordable for more Idahoans.

Higher education’s plan for the fall semester

All eight of Idaho’s colleges and universities are planning to start the fall semester on August 24.

Higher education’s role in Idaho’s coronavirus response

Recognizing in March that a federal data model was slow in coming, Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (DHW) Director Dave Jeppesen contacted the Idaho State Board of Education to enlist help from Idaho’s public higher education institutions. 

Adapting Idaho’s public education system in unprecedented times

Our goal as education leaders is to finish out this academic year while doing the best we can for our students.

Coronavirus-related challenges for education

This is an unsettling and unpredictable time for all. This health crisis is unprecedented in our lifetimes, and it seems to change by the hour.

Developing accountability goals that are realistic and achievable

The Board has come to realize that perhaps we put too much emphasis on student proficiency and not enough on growth.

Idaho’s future depends on quality higher education

After a tuition freeze, now what? How do we maintain, but also improve the financial standing of our institutions?

Higher education in Idaho; investing in our future

As a Board, our No. 1 priority is holding down tuition costs while still providing quality education and support students need to stay on campus and graduate.