Debbie Critchfield

Let’s prepare Idaho kids for Idaho jobs

I believe that we are responsible for developing adults who can manage their personal and financial decisions.

Personal finance should be required in high school

Our kids need to be taught how taxes, health insurance, credit scores, interest, and loans work, among other important financial skills.

Student success requires teachers and parents 

As your State Superintendent of Public Instruction, I will bridge the gap between the dinner table and the classroom.

A new vision for the students and parents of Idaho

One of the biggest challenges and opportunities school districts will face in the coming years is meeting parent expectations.

Is public education in a better position today than it was seven years ago?

For me, the answer to that question is no. This answer led me to run for office.

Higher education is critical to Idaho

Our institutions are investments that have proven their worth to our state and to generations of Idahoans throughout our history, even before statehood.  The numbers bear that out and the investments must continue.

The push to bridge Idaho’s digital divide

Idaho’s public education system is far better positioned coming out of the pandemic from a technology standpoint than we were a year ago.

Kindergarten readiness needs more attention

The State Board, in partnership with Idaho AEYC, received a $6 million per year, three-year federal grant to help improve Idaho’s early childhood system “with an eye toward readiness and literacy.”

Pandemic response delays Master Educator Premium portfolio reviews

I want to assure you both Board, and Department staff are working hard to move the MEP process forward.

Higher Education Enrollment is Down but the Numbers are Encouraging

I want to commend our college and university presidents, their faculties and staffs for all they have done since last March to transform their campuses and their methods of instruction.