Pandemic response delays Master Educator Premium portfolio reviews

The Idaho State Board of Education is hearing from teachers concerned about the status of the Master Educator Premium (MEP) Portfolio review process.  It is taking longer than expected to conduct the review because of the workload associated with the COVID-19 pandemic response and its impact to Idaho’s public education system.

We are also having a difficult time finding portfolio reviewers because most of the portfolios were submitted by teachers in the Treasure Valley.  In order to maintain objectivity, we are recruiting reviewers from outside that part of our state, which has proven difficult.  In fact, we could use approximately 60 more reviewers that do not work in a public school in the Treasure Valley.  If you are an educator working in, or retired from an Idaho public school, or work with one of Idaho’s approved educator preparation programs and you are interested in reviewing portfolios, please contact the Office of the State Board of Education at: [email protected]

That said, I understand the frustration MEP applicants are feeling.  They put considerable time into developing their portfolios and rightfully, are anxious to hear whether they will receive the $4,000 premium annually for the next three years.

Board staff are working on the evaluation process, but we are hesitant to give a timeline for when applicants will be notified because we don’t want to cause more frustration.

The State Department of Education is currently verifying data to prepare payments for first group of MEP recipients.

I want to assure you both Board, and Department staff are working hard to move the MEP process forward.

To all MEP applicants, please know that we are doing our best.  We thank you for your patience and we ask you to extend it a little farther.  We will provide an update as soon as we can.  Unfortunately, it is taking longer than expected.

This is the second and final year the MEP program will be accepting new applications.  Last year’s recipients and those awarded the premium this year, will receive their payments.

Debbie Critchfield

Debbie Critchfield

Debbie Critchfield is Idaho's Superintendent of Public Instruction.

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