Collective bargaining bills will get a rewrite

For a series of controversial collective bargaining bills, it’s back to the drawing board.

“All the bills from the school boards are being redrafted,” Senate Education Committee Chairman John Goedde, R-Coeur d’Alene, said Thursday afternoon.

The Idaho School Boards Association has proposed seven bills that contain elements of the voter-rejected Proposition 1 collective bargaining law. Among the more contentious components: an elimination of ongoing “evergreen” contract clauses between teachers’ unions and school boards; language requiring a local teachers’ union to certify that it represents at least 50 percent of certified staff; and language allowing a school board to impose its best and final contract offer in the event of an impasse.

Since the bills’ introduction, Goedde and House Education Committee Chairman Reed DeMordaunt have met with stakeholder groups, including the ISBA and the Idaho Education Association, which opposes the bills.

IEA Executive Director Robin Nettinga says the groups have had “good conversations” — but she said she hasn’t seen any rewritten bills and can’t say whether her group would be able to support any of them. “I don’t know what changes will actually occur as a result of those conversations.”

ISBA Executive Director Karen Echeverria was not immediately available for comment.

The redrafted bills will likely appear in Senate Education on Monday — the deadline for bills to be introduced in education committees.

  • mary wells

    Perhaps the collective bargaining bills would work some places where the school board was
    firmly behind teachers and families and understanding the benefit of having solid professionals in their community. School boards who understand that ‘you get what you pay for’ and gutting teacher’s ability to
    earn a living will not move our state forward in any way. Sadly the push for big money to buy anti education pro business school board members in elections will make this bill a free for all in the destruction of our schools.

  • Richard Evensen

    I challenge even ONE legislator to introduce a bill giving towns and cities the same rights that these bills give to school boards. There is not even one who would suggest police and fire face the same rules.
    Why not?