Which school is best for your child?

What do you do when you feel like your child is not getting the education she needs?

My friend posed this question to me last week. She wasn’t asking me because she thought I had the answer. She was asking me, because she didn’t know how to find the answer.

I couldn’t tell her which school would be the best fit for her child, just like I couldn’t tell you which school would be best for your child, neither can the principal, the neighbor or Superintendent Sherri Ybarra. Your child is unique and the education your child needs is unique.

As a parent, I am the one who understands the intricacies of my child’s emotions, frustrations, hopes, dreams and preferences. I see her future potential and opportunities for growth. I do not fear that I am not involved enough in my child’s education. My fear is that I might be limiting my child’s educational growth and experiences by the school I choose to send her.

Until last year, I did not know how to compare schools around me. I didn’t know that I could pick a school based on my daughter’s educational strengths or goals. I assumed that my address was the sole determining factor in what kind of education my child would receive. I didn’t know that I could choose a school based on ISAT scores, teacher-to-student ratios, or college go-on rates. But I can, you can, and anyone can. Public schools, charter schools, alternative schools, schools of choice, online schools and even un-schooling, are all educational options here in Idaho. Find the one that works for your family.

If you want to know where to find information, I can help. You can compare the strengths and weaknesses of any schools in Idaho by looking on Idaho Ed Trends. You can see the amount of money spent per student, overall ISAT and SAT scores, and graduation rates, among other statistics. Maybe you will discover that your local school is one of the top performing schools in Idaho, or maybe you’ll learn that it is one of the 29 lowest performing schools.

You have a choice in what kind of education your child receives.

What school is best for your child?

Melanie Flake

Melanie Flake

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