Resources to help students plan for their future

Raising kids is a challenge. 

I already have two kids in college and I still worry about properly preparing my other five kids for life after high school. It’s hard to know how to teach the many life skills and lessons they will need to become successful adults, while also keeping up with the regular demands of school and extracurricular activities. 

Anytime I find resources to help me in my endeavor to raise healthy and successful adults, I am eager to share it with other parents. Recently, I discovered a wealth of information available on the Next Steps Idaho webpage. I knew Next Steps was the government program responsible for direct admissions, but I didn’t know about the other tools and information available to younger students. 

Here are the ones I found most helpful;

  1. A printable checklist for students in grades 8-12, offering advice and an annual simple ‘to-do’ list to help each student understand how to prepare for graduation and post secondary education or career options. It lists basic and easy to follow suggestions like; talk about future goals, make a plan for paying for college, the importance of reading during the summer, etc.
  2. The Future Finder quiz to help kids (or adults) discover their strengths and possible career choices. I took the test and discovered three potential careers that fit my skill set; anesthesiologist, social and community service manager, and EMT. Once my second grader leaves for college in 10 years, maybe I’ll consider pursuing one of these careers!  
  3. Scholarship search information. Looking for applicable scholarships is a lot of work, and it is always nice to have a starting point. 

Hopefully these resources can help us help our kids plan for their future. Now all we (the parents) have to do, is teach them how to manage their finances, shop and cook for themselves, resolve conflicts, change a tire, find a job and do the laundry. Best of luck! 

Melanie Flake

Melanie Flake

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