Preschool is not for everyone

I listened to an Idaho Education News podcast featuring Beth Oppenheimer, the executive director of Idaho’s Association for the Education of Young Children. She advocates for Idaho to invest in preschool. 

My children did not attend preschool. I am not opposed to preschool and I know it’s an important option for many families.

But I was able to stay home with my children so I did. I knew that once they turned five and went off to kindergarten, they would be in school for the next 13 years (and beyond, hopefully).

I wanted my preschool kids to enjoy their unstructured free time. I wanted them to cook, play, clean, pull weeds and read books with me. Sometimes I interacted with them and gave them responsibilities, and sometimes I let them watch PBS.

By the time my babies turned five, they were excited and anxious to begin school.

The lack of preschool experience did not negatively affect my kids. They were able to listen to the teacher, interact with other kids and follow directions.

I know that not all children have the same opportunities. I know that some parents can not stay home with their young children. Everyone has to choose what works best for their individual family.

What did you do with your kids before kindergarten? Do you think preschool is necessary?

Melanie Flake

Melanie Flake

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