Should student-athletes be required to find their own rides to events?

My high school student enjoys playing school sports. He was on the football team and is currently on the track team. Everyday, he stays after school, for several hours, to practice. He usually comes home after 5 p.m. tired, stinky and hungry. He works hard to keep up on his school work and often ends up doing his homework late at night.

I applaud my son’s desire to participate in school sports. I competed in high school sports, and I felt like it taught me discipline, teamwork, dedication and time management. It is expensive and time consuming, but I am supportive of all of it. All of it, except the transportation.

The rural high school where my kids previously attended bused all of their student-athletes to every sporting event. Our current school has a booster program that provides transportation to the student-athletes who participate in football. The kids on the track and field team do not. If they want to compete, they have to get a ride from a parent, drive themselves (if they have a license and a car) or get a ride with another track student.

I would like to be the parent that drives my son to and from all of his meets, but I can’t. The track and field meets last five or six hours long, and often conflict with my schedule (my middle school kids have track meets at the same time). My son is understanding, and often catches a ride with other students. I am not very comfortable having him ride with other teenage drivers, but most of the time, it is the only choice I have.

Is your student-athlete required to find transportation to participate in high school sports? Does it seem unsafe for high schools to expect students to ride with other teenagers to attend their sporting events?

Melanie Flake

Melanie Flake

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