My morning madness

My school mornings — and afternoons, for that matter — are a bit maddening.

My kids attend three different schools, all with three different start times. My mornings usually go something like this:

I wake up before my kids, so I can make them a decent breakfast (pancakes with peanut butter are the best), help them make their lunches (so it’s not just chips and cookies), and fix their hair (usually only the girls want my help). Once everyone is ready, then I start my shuttle service to and from schools.

My high school kids start at 7:40, but they have to leave by 7:20 to avoid getting stuck in traffic (and thankfully I have one licensed high school driver).

My middle school kids start at 8:20, but they need to leave before 8, also to avoid traffic.

And my elementary school kids start at 9:05.

By the time I have finished running everyone to school, I am spent, and I haven’t even had time to shower!

Did anyone think this through? Do any other parents struggle with the spread out start times?

Melanie Flake

Melanie Flake

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