How do you make Valentine’s Day special for your family?

I know I am supposed to blog about education. I know I am supposed to share my feelings about schools and homework and grades. But today, I want to talk about love. Today is Valentine’s Day and I love Valentine’s Day (and so do my girls).

Today, let’s take a moment to ignore our kids’ messy rooms, their yellow unbrushed teeth, their grouchy mornings, their dirty socks, their less than perfect grades, and the fact that they never make their bed, and just appreciate our kids. They need our love. They need our acceptance. They need our understanding.

Let’s spend today just giving love.

Let’s say, “I love you” to our kids, our friends and our family.

Compliment a teacher, a stranger, a child.

Be nice. Smile. And spend some time dancing with your kids in the kitchen.

Be grateful. Be happy.

Tomorrow we can get back to the challenges and trials in life. Today, just love.

Share with me how you make today special for your family?


Melanie Flake

Melanie Flake

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