Let’s talk to our kids about voting

On Tuesday, Nov.6, we have the opportunity to share our voice and be involved in politics.

I will be voting with an absentee ballot. Not because I will be out of town, but because I want to take my time. I want to know the candidates. I want to understand the propositions (there are two on the ballot). I want my kids to see the ballot and understand the importance of voting.

I love having the right to vote. I love teaching my kids about the importance of voting. l want them to understand voting is my opportunity to share the responsibility of how our local and national government is run.

Do you have kids who are 18 or older? Have you showed them how to register to vote? Have you explained the importance of voting?

If you have trouble getting your adult kids interested in voting, show them this post by Taylor Swift. She spoke of the importance of voting and encouraged young voters (18 year-olds) to register to vote. Likely because of her post, over 100,000 new voters registered to vote in Tennessee.

If they don’t like Taylor Swift, you can show them this YouTube song, called “A Scary Time”, or this Time article that lists 30 celebrities who encourage people to get out and vote. Voting is important. Voting is cool.

Do you talk to your kids about voting? What ideas do you have to encourage more people to vote?

Melanie Flake

Melanie Flake

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