I am glad Idaho requires a senior project

The state of Idaho has pretty simple graduation requirements:

  • Take three years of math (one during the senior year).
  • Take three years of science.
  • Take the ACT or SAT exam (before the senior year).
  • Complete a senior project.

You can access a more detailed list of the requirements here.

Each high school can individualize graduation requirements, in addition to the ones the state has set. My senior transferred to his current high school as a junior, so when he began school last fall, we set up a meeting with his counselor. We wanted to make sure he had all of the classes he needed to meet the graduation requirements.

Once his schedule was reviewed, I asked the counselor several questions about senior projects. I didn’t know anything about how the projects were completed. All I knew was they required a lot of work and a passing grade to graduate.The counselor assured us that the project would be discussed, worked on and reviewed, in his senior English and government classes. She said he would have assistance every step of the way.

Beginning in January, my son spent countless hours researching the positive impact the NASA program has had on society. He analyzed and wrote his project, and then created a presentation. He needed to practice, so I was able to hear and view his final senior project. It was impressive. He went to the school and presented his senior project (and passed!).

I am glad Idaho requires a senior project. It teaches kids skills they can use in their future careers. It gives them confidence that they can do massive projects, and it gives them the opportunity to give a polished written and oral presentation.

Did your senior complete a senior project? Did you think it was a worthwhile use of their time? What’s your opinion?

Melanie Flake

Melanie Flake

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