I am a big fan of community college and trade schools

I am a big fan of community college and trade schools. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the value of a bachelor’s degree, but community college can be a great stepping stone into post secondary education.

Each one of my four oldest kids have taken classes through the local community college. Some have taken concurrent credit classes through the high school and some have taken summer courses. My oldest son was able to become a Certified Nursing Assistant after taking a six-week summer course, and the qualifying exam.

Attending community college and earning his CNA helped my son tremendously. It gave him the ability to find a good paying job to cover his expenses, while he continued to pursue his education. He is still working towards his bachelor’s degree, but has considered going back to community college to earn additional certifications.

My high school daughter is considering a similar path. She is interested in the medical field and wants to complete as many undergraduate classes as she can, before graduation. By taking classes through the community college, her four-year college expenses may be significantly less.

There are a lot of jobs available to people with an associate degree or technical certificate. Here is a brief list of careers for those considering community college or trade school.

If you are trying to help your high school graduate decide what post secondary education to pursue, community college or trade school might be a good start.

Melanie Flake

Melanie Flake

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