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I don’t know a lot about Idaho education policy. But I do have vast knowledge about bell schedules, lunch menus and dress codes. And, with seven kids, I have become an expert at homework.

But doing homework with my kids is not enough. I want to know more about my kids’ education.

I decided to start reading IdahodEdNews.org and looking at school data at IdahoEdTrends.org. The more I learn, the more questions I have.

I have questions about standardized tests, graduation rates and what lawmakers and schools are doing with our tax dollars. I want to know how my school’s data compares to the data in other districts, other states and across the nation. I want to know more.

I know that if I have questions, other parents must have questions, too. Now that all of my children are in school — two in elementary school, two in middle school, two in high school and one in college — I am committed to asking questions, talking to other parents, learning more, and sharing what I learn on this blog.

I am a normal mom.

Sometimes I am even outstanding (leaving sweet notes in lunches). Sometimes I am terrible (forgetting to sign up for the SAT before the deadline).

But most of the time I’m just a normal mom.

I love my kids and I have high hopes for them. All seven of them. I want them to have all of the opportunities that a good education can provide. I want them to know how to learn, to be safe and to be happy.

I want to do more than chaperone field trips and sort papers in the classroom (even though I’m really good at sorting papers). I want to be informed so I can participate in school-wide decisions, from the Capitol building to the classroom. I want to be an educated voter.

I want parents to have a voice in our kids education. No one loves our kids more than we do.

Let’s learn together. Let’s join the conversation.

Tell me what are you curious about, and let’s find the answers.

Melanie Flake

Melanie Flake

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