Give thanks to educators, custodians and volunteers

With school out for the Thanksgiving break, how many of us will be giving thanks to an educator, for the time and compassion they have shown while teaching our kids?

Our kids spend roughly 30 hours a week at school. They spend time with teachers, administrators, cafeteria workers, custodians and volunteers. We pay for these services with our taxes, but we can also show our appreciation with notes, emails or a simple, ‘thank you’.  By showing gratitude, we model good behavior for our kids, while lifting others and warming our hearts.

I still remember an influential math teacher that I had in junior high school. He was a charismatic teacher that made learning math fun. I credit him for my love of math. He continued to show kindness and ask about my other classes throughout the years. He made school feel like a safe place. I was always grateful for the positive impact he had on my education.

Who was an influential teacher in your life? Who has been influential in your kid’s education?

  • Have you talked to your kids about showing gratitude for the many services that the schools provide?
  • Do they thank the bus driver for getting them safely to and from school every day?
  • Do they thank the cafeteria worker for making them a hot lunch?
  • Do they thank the custodian for keeping the school clean? Do they thank the principal for keeping the school running smoothly?

This eighth grader showed her gratitude to the teachers and educators that took the time to encourage her to pursue her passion for writing, by writing about her experience here.

What will you do to show your gratitude?

Melanie Flake

Melanie Flake

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