What do we expect public schools to teach our children?

I expect the public school to teach my kids math, science, English, and history. I expect teachers to teach my kids how to analyze what they read and how to write clearly and effectively. I expect my children to be respected and safe when they are at school.

Is the public school system also responsible for teaching our kids about morality and ethics? Do we, as parents, expect schools to teach our kids about puberty and sexuality? Are public schools in charge of feeding our kids healthy meals? Are we okay with our kids being taught about personal political and religious beliefs?

Before the holiday break, one of my kids came home to tell me that the teacher had been talking about the importance of Christmas. She had told my child that the Bible was the best gift. It was a simple statement of her religious convictions, but it confused my young child. My child came home and asked me if our family held the same beliefs and if she should have told the teacher of our family’s beliefs. I was able to explain that there are many different religions and beliefs and that we should try to understand and respect everyone.

I want to teach my kids about puberty, morality, ethics and sexuality. I want to explain the many different political and religious views to my children, so they can decide for themselves. I want to be the person responsible for feeding my kids healthy meals and teaching them about the importance of eating right and exercising.

What do you expect?

Melanie Flake

Melanie Flake

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