Do your kids have chores in the summer?

In the summer, it seems like someone in my house is always hungry, bored or making a mess.

I try to manage the hunger by taking my kids grocery shopping and involving them in the meal planning. I a

Caught in the act: A Flake kid vacuuming in the summer.

lso try to have lots of fresh fruits and veggies for snacking, or by making bean and cheese nachos (tortilla chips, black beans and grated cheese in the broiler … mmmm).

When they are bored, I sometimes take them to the library or let them play with friends. I don’t worry too much about boredom, because I know it can breed creativity (if they are not on devices the whole time). They also have fun summer plans, in between all of the boredom.

Now, when my kids are making messes, that is a different story.

I want my kids to help keep our home clean on the inside and outside. I want them to have the opportunity to learn to work and earn money. I want them to take pride in their work and to learn to do things they don’t like (cleaning the bathroom).

So every summer I create a chore chart. If my kids know what is expected of them and how much they can earn, they are usually a tiny bit more willing to do their jobs. Not all of the jobs get done every day, but it helps our family have a little bit more structure and a little less mess.

Do your kids have chores in the summertime? Here’s mine:


Melanie Flake

Melanie Flake

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