Do your homework and be an informed voter

This Tuesday, many of us will be voting on bonds and/or levies for our local school district. I have received numerous emails and flyers from all my kids’ schools (elementary, middle and high school) with information about the election. I have been told to support education, support the teachers and to support the children. I have been told that my vote will help our schools run effectively and avoid future overcrowding. I have been told that the bonds and levies will help pay teacher salaries, remodel older schools and build new schools.

I love my kids and I care about their education. I want my kids (and yours) to have a great education. I support the teachers. I support building new schools to avoid overcrowding and I support remodeling old schools. I want all of it.

If I vote “no” does that mean that I don’t care about education? Does it mean that I don’t care about Idaho’s future? If I vote “yes” does it mean that I care more about the education of Idaho’s children?

It’s important we support our kids and their education. It’s also important to do your homework. So before you vote, take the time to study your school district’s budget and how much the state allocates to fund education. Take the time to review the campaign flyers so you know what’s at stake and what it costs.

Be an informed voter.

Melanie Flake

Melanie Flake

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