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Across Idaho, negotiation season gets off to a quiet, quick start

Several of the state’s largest districts already have agreements in place — or awaiting final approval.

Idaho teacher salaries nudge upward in new national rankings

But even after two years of relatively robust raises, Idaho’s average salary remains more than $10,000 below the national average, and lags behind most neighboring states.

Idaho’s new minimum teacher salary: Who benefits and how it shakes out.

More than 3,600 Idaho teachers make less than $40,000 a year. For them, a new state law guarantees a pay raise. But school administrators say the state still needs to do more to recruit and retain teachers.

Little signs bill to bankroll teacher raises

The signing was a formality, and hardly unexpected. The spending bill bankrolls the plan to increase minimum teacher salaries to $40,000 over the next two years.

Statehouse roundup, 2.13.19: Teacher pay raise bill unveiled; guns-in-schools bill on hold

Gov. Little has changed his salary proposal since January’s State of the State address.

In Year Four of a five-year plan, teacher salaries increase by 3.4 percent

However, lawmakers will have to make several key decisions on teacher pay in the next few weeks.

Report: Idaho’s starting teacher pay ranks No. 44 nationally

The National Education Association’s numbers are dated — but they suggest Idaho’s starting teacher salaries lag behind neighboring states. Gov. Brad Little has proposed boosting the minimum salary to $40,000.

ACT study: Salary concerns dissuade students from teaching careers

High school students seem less interested in majoring in education, according to a recent 10-year study. It could take minimum teaching salaries of more than $50,000 to turn that around.

Study: Despite career ladder, Idaho teacher salaries lose ground

And what’s more, Idaho’s salaries are comparable to other red states, where teachers have gone on strike to protest low pay.

Contrary to reports, Idaho teacher salaries are improving

A recent national report ranking teacher salaries does not factor in Idaho’s career ladder — and the state’s 9 percent average pay increases since 2015.