State Department of Education

WiFi contractor agrees to restructure deal

Under the restructuring, Education Networks of America will be paid based on the number of schools signing up for the WiFi project. This could reduce — but probably won’t eliminate — the price gap between ENA and the contract’s low bidder.

Common Core exams: Where Idaho stands

Idaho Department of Education officials believe new exams — tied to Common Core — will better measure analytical skills and knowledge in math and English language arts. But Idaho is also planning a P.R. campaign to explain the test results to parents and stakeholders.

Sen. Cameron goes quiet on WiFi controversy

But the powerful co-chairman of the Legislature’ budget-writing committee, says he still has “strong feelings” about the controversial school WiFi contract.

WiFi deal: Several bidders had Idaho ties

The decision on a controversial WiFi contract was supposed to come down to price, technology and experience. But several bidders were hardly shy about playing up their Idaho connections.

WiFi deal: How ENA got the contract

How did Education Networks of America win a multiyear high school WiFi installation contract — even though four bidders beat the company’s price? Let’s take a deeper dive into the scoring process, and the state’s documentation.

Four bidders beat WiFi contractor’s price

Education Networks of America received a controversial state high school WiFi contract — even though four bids came in at a lower price. However, ENA received high marks in two other categories: technology and experience.

WiFi deal: State downplays discrepancy

In initial media reports — and in its own request for bids — state superintendent Tom Luna’s office erroneously said that more than 300 schools could qualify for WiFi hookups. But the department said the error did not affect the overall price of the controversial project.

Star ratings: the poverty factor

The latest round of school “star ratings,” issued last week, illustrate a longstanding issue. Schools with higher poverty rates tend to be lower-performing schools.

The WiFi contract issue: catching up

Missed the latest on the WiFi contract story — from late Friday afternoon and over the weekend? Here’s the latest.

About 200 schools may opt for WiFi service

On Friday, Superintendent Tom Luna’s office touted the statewide reach of the new WiFi service. But the exact number of schools that will receive WiFi under a controversial state contract is not yet clear.