Former board chair benefitted financially from his school, says state charter commission director

The violation is one of several reasons why Another Choice Virtual Charter School should cease operations. INSIDE: Other recommendations from the director.

Analysis: Who will pay for all-day kindergarten? And how many kids will get to go?

There’s plenty of support for state-funded, all-day kindergarten. And plenty of money. And plenty of impetus to do something now. But that doesn’t mean something passes easily, or quickly.

Gov. Brad Little teases new tax cut package at taxpayers’ conference

Plans to be unveiled during upcoming legislative session that convenes in January.

Bluum CEO Terry Ryan

ARTEC: Was it even a public charter school?

The ARTEC story seems to be a sad tale of neglect and abandonment. In the end, it was the taxpayers who were left holding the bag.

This year’s bonuses could hit teachers’ pockets in time for Christmas

The 1,774 teachers who were awarded Master Education Premiums should see $4,000 soon.

Idaho Falls OK’s plan for career-technical hub

The facility could open as soon as Fall 2022.

The size of slices won’t make us less hungry, Sen. Thayn

So please, just order some more pizza for us.

‘It’s serious’: Emails reveal details leading up to closure of two charter schools

The principal downplayed claims the schools enrolled far less students than what was reported to the state, and teachers cried when hearing of closures, according to emails.

Districts receive new federal funding to help homeless youth

Districts and charters have access to millions this year to help homeless youth. Find out how your district is spending the money.

The Student Empowerment and Accountability Bill

I propose two funding mechanisms for schools, one for engaged students and one for disengaged students.