Analysis: Idaho’s school building problems have been neglected for years

Because state officials consider school construction and maintenance a local responsibility, they’ve gotten careless with Idaho’s 46 million square feet of school buildings.

Idaho is banking on a $1.9B surplus. Here’s a closer look at where the state gets its money.

There are two big forces fueling the projected $1.9 billion surplus. And over the last year, state revenues grew significantly while spending remained low. 

Analysis: Of cannibalism and higher education budget bloodbaths

Gov. Brad Little has proposed a historic budget for Idaho’s four-year schools. But his proposal is just that: a proposal that will go before a skeptical Legislature.

The importance of education

Nearly 70 percent of Idahoans, including more than 60 percent of Republicans, said the Legislature should pass full-day kindergarten.

Statehouse roundup, 1.24.22: Fund for school staff health insurance clears House

Inside: Idaho’s four-year schools will probably have to increase tuition next year — in order to cover employee raises, limit staff turnover and compete with the private sector.

Here’s how much Idaho spends on public education

Each year, the number edges ever upward into the billions. And each year, the Legislature devotes almost half of the state’s entire budget to K-12.

Analysis: How Season 2022 of the Legislature will end (spoiler alert)

A record-shattering surplus sets high expectations for education spending and tax relief. No one is going to walk away completely satisfied.

Two East Idaho districts to float a combined $105 million in bond issues

Both growing districts are planning to ask voters in March to pay for new schools and other upgrades.

Ybarra makes her budget pitch — and discusses pandemic learning loss

Legislative budget-writers spent two hours on the state superintendent’s K-12 budget request. Election-year politics — and a record-setting $1.9 billion surplus — will complicate their job.

Is the call for adequate teacher pay in Idaho being heard?

Increased investments in teacher pay from the last half-decade have been undeniable. But have they been enough?