science standards

State Board meeting likely to shape school policy for years to come

When the State Board of Education meets Wednesday and Thursday it will take on proposed new science standards, the ESSA compliance plan and a bonus program for master teachers.

Climate change instruction in the Rust Belt: a touchy topic

On Sunday, the New York Times took an in-depth look at teaching climate change in school — and pushback from skeptical students. Idaho makes a cameo appearance in the story.

State releases revamped science standards proposal

The new standards suggest “human intervention can mitigate potential issues” with climate change, the State Department of Education said Friday. The 2017 Legislature rejected a series of standards referring to climate change — and lawmakers will have the last word on the new language.

Weather Channel focuses on Idaho’s science standards debate

A key takeaway from the lengthy report: Idaho is the only state where the Legislature has removed references to climate change from science standards.

Eastern Idahoans rail against changes to science standards

Just five patrons showed up Thursday night in Idaho Falls to voice concerns about the state’s embattled K-12 science standards. But their stance was clear.

Senate Education takes up science standards Thursday

On Feb. 9, the House Education Committee deleted references to climate change from the science standards. Idaho’s current standards have been on the books since 2001.

AP: Science standards on hold until 2018

The new standards won’t be ready for the 2017 legislative session, and 2018 is the new target date, the Associated Press reported this week.