science standards

House Education repeals English, math and science standards

The debate now shifts to the Senate Education Committee, which won’t act until next week.

Science standards hearing postponed to Wednesday

The hearing was originally scheduled for Monday morning.

State Board standards roadshow continues — with a hearing in Challis

At issue are “rules governing thoroughness,” which include the Idaho Core Standards in math and English language arts, and state science standards.

Science teachers review new test

The state needs to align its science test to the new statewide standards, finally approved by the 2018 Legislature.

In Arizona, an evolving battle over science standards

Saying evolution is not fully proven science, Arizona’s state schools superintendent supports changing language in academic standards.

Unabridged, and official: Senate OKs science standards

The Senate Education Committee’s 6-3 vote brings an end to a three-year debate — and leaves references to climate change intact.

Senate drills down into nitty gritty of science standards

A Senate Education Committee hearing focused on the finer details of the controversial standards — and especially the language the House Education Committee deleted a week ago. Senators are likely to vote next week.

Senate Education to take up science standards Wednesday

The Senate committee will take testimony Wednesday, but won’t vote. Earlier this month, every speaker at House Education Committee hearings urged lawmakers to approve the academic standards in full.

House Education Committee again removes references to climate change

The Senate Education Committee is expected to take up the science standards next.

In New Mexico, another heated debate over science standards

New Mexico’s education department has edited the standards’ wording on evolution and climate change, to the chagrin of science teachers and environmentalists.