school funding formula

Experienced teachers push for better pay amid K-12 funding overhaul

Three public funding-formula forums remain.

Help wanted: Funding formula committee will seek consultants

The committee has $400,000 at its disposal — and a Nov. 30 deadline to finish its work for the year.

Statehouse roundup, 3.14.17: House passes anti-electioneering bill

A bill to move school board elections to the November ballot hit a significant roadblock on the Senate floor, while a Senate committee decides to keep Idaho’s civics test intact.

Funding formula committee will meet — briefly

Wednesday’s 30-minute meeting is a bit of a formality. The committee is expected to continue working through 2017, and draw up recommendations for the 2018 Legislature.

State Board survey: Schools need more money, and more flexibility

More than 2,100 Idahoans responded to the State Board of Education’s school funding survey — and most respondents have some direct connection to education.

At the Statehouse next week, focus turns to K-12 funding issues

Two legislative committees will convene next week to take a closer look at how Idaho funds its schools.

State Board sifting through survey on school funding

About 2,100 Idahoans responded to an online survey about the state’s school funding formula.

State Board launches survey on school funding formula

The anonymous survey will be live for at least two weeks. Results will be reported publicly to a legislative committee reviewing the K-12 funding formula.

Have your say about Idaho’s school funding formula

When legislators meet in Boise Tuesday, they will take public comment on the state’s convoluted and controversial school funding formula.

UPDATE: School funding group cancels first meeting

The working group’s first meeting was pre-empted by a House floor session.