SBAC update: Districts report fewer glitches, but long test days

Students across Idaho are taking the SBAC test through May 26.

SBAC scores: How one district defied demographics

The Murtaugh School District was one outlier on this year’s standardized tests. Despite high poverty rates, test scores beat state averages — and improved considerably.

Board of Education waives 2017 SBAC requirement

Members of the class of 2017 will not be required to the pass the SBAC tests if a State Board of Education rule survives the upcoming legislative session.

State releases final round of SBAC numbers

Statewide test scores were largely unchanged. Testing times fell well below projections.

SBAC graduation requirement waived

State superintendent Sherri Ybarra said it’s “premature” to require sophomores to pass the new, much-maligned SBAC exam.

Analysis: A closer look at the Common Core lawsuit

The lawsuit challenging the Idaho Core Standards — and Common Core testing — resembles cases filed in two other states.

Federal lawsuit targets Idaho Core Standards, SBAC exam

The lawsuit, filed Monday, seeks to toss out the Idaho Core Standards established in 2013, and block the online exams tied to the standards.

Boise leads new push to replace SBAC tests

This summer’s move by Boise could lead to a major testing showdown at an upcoming school boards convention and, eventually, the Idaho Legislature.

State, districts start sifting through SBAC numbers

The controversial exam — aligned to Common Core standards — is likely to evolve in future years. If it survives into the future.

SBAC grading contract worth $12.1 million

The American Institutes for Research consortium — the low bidder on the contract — has missed deadlines for grading the new statewide test.