Legislative roundup, 2.2.21: Senate puts virtual charter funding bill on hold

The hurry-up proposal is designed to provide $7.6 million to two virtual charter schools that have grown rapidly during the pandemic. It sailed through the House last week.

For kids and their parents, the reading journey starts and continues at home

Behind every score on the Idaho Reading Indicator, behind every intervention plan to help an at-risk student, there is a child’s story. And the parents’ story. Stories of struggles, successes and uncertainties.

Little embraces the literacy issue — for the long haul

Gov. Brad Little knows it will take a sustained effort to improve literacy in Idaho. But he says everything else in education will build off of it. “I can’t have them college and career ready if they’re not literate.”

Two years in, teachers are still learning about Idaho’s new reading test

By and large, teachers say the new Idaho Reading Indicator provides better data and timelier information than its predecessor. But some teachers and parents concede the online format poses problems.

What’s working: Reading success stories from five Idaho schools

Some of Idaho’s reading success stories are unfolding in remote, rural schools. Scores are improving significantly. Student growth far exceeds the statewide rate.

New reading scores: Kindergarten numbers drop further, achievement gaps linger

Reading scores increased in grades 1-3 compared to a year ago, all according to the latest release of reading scores.

Attention parents: Talk to us about how your kids are doing at reading

If you’re the parent of a kindergarten through third-grade student, we’d like to hear from you.

About half of students score at grade level on new reading test

This fall, K-3 students took a new test designed to offer a more complete measure of reading skills. State officials say the 2018 scores should not be compared with numbers from the previous test.

As election nears, reading scores remain under wraps

Originally, the state said it would release the test scores in October. Now, the scores might not be unavailable until after Tuesday’s election.

Officials brace for drop in reading scores with new test

State officials are concerned about perceptions — and the inevitable comparisons. They say the new test is significantly different than its predecessor, so it’s impossible to compare the results.