public school funding formula

Funding formula rewrite is a dud

“To the degree that we’re stuck with it, the Legislature should pass a school funding formula that empowers students to pursue the best education for themselves.”

Report: Funding formula ‘wealth adjustment’ could put more financial pressure on schools

The Idaho Center for Fiscal Policy issued a report Tuesday on the possible outcomes of a “noble goal.”

Statehouse roundup, 2.6.19: School funding formula hearing preview, mastery bill emerges

Find out how to testify during Thursday’s school funding hearing. And catch up on a full Wednesday at the Legislature — including a bevy of new bills on everything from high school graduation requirements to charter school administrators’ credentials.

From the weekend, an Idaho education viewer’s guide

Want to catch up on school safety issues and the K-12 funding formula rewrite? Watch here.

Legislature unveils draft of funding formula bill

The proposal to change Idaho’s K-12 school funding formula is expected to be the biggest education debate of the year.

Funding formula bill will be unveiled this week

A draft of the much-awaited and controversial bill will be posted online, Sen. Dean Mortimer said. That’s likely to happen before legislators even hold their first hearing on the proposal.