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Senate passes pared-down funding formula bill

“While this isn’t a touchdown, we are putting points on the board,” co-sponsoring Sen. Dave Lent said.

Statehouse roundup, 4.2.19: Senate Education Committee to take up pared-down funding formula bill

The bill itself won’t change Idaho’s school funding formula, but it does come with new reporting requirements.

Statehouse roundup, 4.1.19: House passes pared-down funding formula bill

The bill next heads to the Senate, and could quickly trigger a public hearing as legislators wrap up the 2019 legislative session.

Writing funding formula ‘definitions’: it’s complicated

The new bill doesn’t try to rewrite Idaho’s K-12 funding formula. But that doesn’t mean it’s a simple piece of legislation.

House Education endorses pared-down funding bill

Several education groups were concerned about the bill’s wording on teacher salary schedules, and the way it defines economically disadvantaged students.

Statehouse roundup, 3.26.19: House Education introduces pared-down funding formula bill

A public hearing is tentatively set for 8:30 a.m. Wednesday at the Statehouse.

Senate makes last-ditch funding formula push

The new bill could surface as early as Friday morning.

Last-ditch funding formula bill is on hold

Senate Education Committee Chairman Dean Mortimer had hoped to introduce the bill as early as Friday.

Statehouse roundup, 3.19.19: House Education gets back to work

The House Education Committee didn’t talk about the K-12 funding formula rewrite — or Monday’s protest. And it’s unclear when the Senate will revisit the issue. Catch up on all the other Statehouse education news, including the latest on college scholarship funding.

Funding formula debate begins – but is the bill already dead for 2019?

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Winder doesn’t see a funding formula rewrite passing this year. One of the bill’s co-authors, Sen. Lori Den Hartog, is still weighing options.